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Paisley Professor

This outfit is made up of some new thrifted treasures. The skirt and necklace were both found by mom at the nearly new sale for which she volunteers. She is always on the lookout for items that she thinks I will like. She did VERY well this year and found me some seriously awesome things (including a few blazers which I’m looking forward to wearing come Fall). This skirt and necklace were two of my favorite things that she found. I didn’t have any navy necklaces like this and I love how it looks with the print in the skirt.

I also LOVE this new top that I picked up at TJ Maxx. It is so crisp and clean and perfect! I really wanted a new white “t-shirt” style top. This one is made of very thick fabric that clings in all the right places and seems to even out any “rolls.” I bought another top by this same company in black (only sleeveless) and I am seriously thinking about going back to find some more. I’ve never heard of the brand before and I am digging the stuff!


Top: Grace, purchased at TJ Maxx for $12.99

Skirt: Jones New York, purchased at a “nearly new” hospital thrift sale for $6

Shoes: Groove, purchased from Hautelook for $11

Necklace: purchased for $3.50 from the same hospital nearly new sale as the skirt


The Haute Professor

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