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I’m So Fancy

I always feel exceptionally fancy when I wear Calvin Klein dresses. They are just so beautifully tailored and classic. I felt even fancier today because I paired the dress with my Vince Camuto shoes which also feel quite fancy.

I frequently find great deals on Calvin Klein dresses at Ross. Generally they start them off around the $40 mark which I, of course, don’t want to pay. I just wait a few weeks and then snag them when they move them to the clearance.

I like the contrast of the fancy dress and shoes and the messy ponytail. It started off a lot neater this morning (I even curled my ends), but the humidity had other ideas!


Shoes: Vince Camuto, purchased on for roughly $2 out of pocket after using credits my mother had

Dress: Calvin Klein, purchased on clearance at Ross for $27.99

Earrings: vintage, gift from my mom


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Twirly Dress

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved dresses that “twirl.” I used to run around the yard in big dresses twirling and twirling around. Clearly I have carried this into adulthood because I still find myself attracted to dresses with fuller skirts that move with you.

This dress has long been one of my favorites. I remember spotting it on ebay and knowing that I had to win that auction. I was a graduate student at the time so I was very careful with my money. Fortunately I was able to get a great deal on it and it makes me smile every time I wear it.

The days are getting a little colder here (it was in the 70s today) and so I am going to be wearing more cardigans and blazers in the coming weeks. I love the way this one looks with the dress. It makes a very girly and feminine dress look a bit more pulled together. I suspect Kate Middleton would be comfortable in this look (though perhaps without the bold shoe:) ).

Hope you are all having a wonderful night! I’m doing my activity this evening for the students teaching them about bargain shopping. Fingers crossed that it goes well!


Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, purchased on ebay for under $20 (at least five years ago)

Shoes: Target, on clearance for $9.98

Blazer: Victoria’s Secret, purchased at a nearly new hospital sale for $7

Necklace: Tiffany’s, gift :)


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I’ll Wear White After Labor Day if I Want To!!!!

This outfit is really far outside of my comfort zone. As you all know I have a pretty strong pear shape and so I tend to wear skirts and dresses to conceal that. However, as I am currently rather thin (for me) I decided to venture into new territory and buy some white jeans (jeggings actually). I am LOVING them.

To begin, these are the softest jeans in the history of the world. I made the chair of my department touch them this morning and she was shocked by how soft they are. They’re also incredibly comfortable. I did live in fear that I was going to spill something on them all day, but I made it through the day with no marks whatsoever on them! I am considering buying these in a couple of other colors (they have some bright ones that I’m eyeing) because they are so phenomenal. I highly recommend them!

I really love the look of the white against the purple in the top and the shoes. Its very different from my normal aesthetic but I think it comes across as chic and sophisticated. Hopefully you all agree!


Top: French Connection, purchased on clearance at TJ Maxx for $24

Pants: The Limited, purchased for 50% off for $39.97

Shoes: Nine West, purchased at TJ Maxx for $20 on clearance

Tank (under top): Target, on sale for $5


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Exploring New Territory

One of my students is constantly talking about the deals she finds at Burlington Coat Factory. This weekend, because I was bored and looking for activities, I decided to go explore a bit there. I have been just a couple of times before and it was all during my first year of teaching. I haven’t really been in the last couple of years at all.

To begin, I was really impressed with their jewelry selection. They had a TON of stuff and it was all very reasonably priced. I wish they had had more silver pieces, but I found a few good things to add into my wardrobe. I also found some nice tops for work. I didn’t find any shoes (despite my students claim that she finds great deals there) but it was still worth a trip. I don’t think I will add it to my regular list of places to search for deals, but maybe every few months I could give it a gander.

Happy Monday!

Top: NY Collection, purchased at Burlington Coat Factory for $12.99

Skirt: The Limited, purchased for 50% off, $29.95

Shoes: Chinese Laundry, purchased at Ross for $19.99

Necklace: Sophia & Kate, purchased at Burlington Coat Factory for $7.99

Headband: Lux Accessories, purchased at Burlington Coat Factory for $2.99 for a pack of three (so $1 each)


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Dog-gone it!

Friday means purple (again) but I really wasn’t in the mood to wear something bright purple. Instead, I opted for this dark mauve skirt with Dalmatians all over it. The students LOVED this skirt! I think it makes them happy when they see me wearing something with a dog print because it fits with their perception of me (crazy dog lady). It makes me happy to wear things with dog prints too (because they’re right, I’m a crazy dog lady).

I thought I’d bring out the blue in the dogs with a bright bubble necklace. I’m not CRAZY about how it turned out, but it was comfortable and on Friday I was pretty tired. I just wanted to wear something easy! 

This weekend has been a bit blargh. I did a lot of errands and worked out a lot. My life lately has been mostly exercising and working. And a bit of The Gilmore Girls (I’m rewatching the series again). Next weekend I have a lot of things scheduled so I’m sure it will get me out of my funk. Ah well! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Skirt: Target, purchased full price *scandalous, $19.99

Top: Grace, purchased at TJ Maxx for $12.99

Necklace: purchased from for $6.99

Shoes: Mixx, purchased from Hautelook for $14.97


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Blue Dot Special

This dress is so cute but I never get to wear it! It’s strapless and so I have never been able to wear it to work before and I just never gravitate towards this dress when I’m going to a party. Its a weird mixture of dressy and casual. This summer when I saw this navy blazer in sale I wanted to buy it in part because I knew I could use it to make this dress work appropriate. I love how they look together!

Unfortunately it was ridiculously hot yesterday and I had to run around campus a lot. Essentially this meant that I was sweating my butt off because I couldn’t remove the jacket (or at least I didn’t want to because I thought it would look unprofessional). Ah well! It will be perfect in the fall!


Dress: The Limited, I bought this dress YEARS ago when I was a pretty poor graduate student so I can pretty much guarantee you that I got it on sale! Let’s say around $30 :)

Blazer: The Limited, on sale plus 40% off markdown price, $29.99

Shoes: Kelly & Katie, purchased at DSW for about $30 with coupon

Necklace: gift


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Un-Limited Obsession

If you have followed this blog for any length of time then you already know what I am about to tell you. I am OBSESSED with The Limited. This obsession has been growing in intensity for approximately five years now. More and more I find wonderful pieces there that become staples in my wardrobe. On top of that, I am constantly impressed with the more unusual pieces that they come up with, the cool fabrics, and the silhouettes. The silhouettes are always classic and always very chic.

This ensemble is made up of a couple of pieces from The Limited, including a newer skirt (still available) and a tank top that I bought at the beginning of the summer (not sure if they still have it). The skirt caught my eye immediately. I loved the subtle pink and I especially loved the black lace design along the waist and hips. It is reminiscent of lingerie while being cut in such a way that it is entirely appropriate for work.

The key to shopping at the Limited is to NEVER EVER pay full price. Use the sales ESPECIALLY when they are doing a sale and giving you virtual dollars (money you can spend later). Then, when you are allowed to use your virtual dollars, wait for them to do another special (for example, 40% off all full price or markdowns which they do a lot) and combine the virtual dollars and the sales. You end up getting very high quality pieces for not very much money!


Skirt: The Limited, 40% off sale (plus virtual dollars) for $29.95

Top: The Limited, 40% off sale (plus virtual dollars) for $12

Shoes: Nine West, purchased at Ross for $19.99

Necklace: can’t recall (I think Target though)

Sweater: Target, on clearance for $15


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The Back of the Line

This dress caught my eye on the clearance rack At TJ Maxx over the summer. The style is not one I would usually gravitate towards (I generally like full skirts), but I thought that the white stripe/zipper down the back was really interesting and cool. It looks plain and classic from the front but then when you turn around… wham! Exciting stuff :)

You may have noticed in my recent pics that I am wearing a FitBit almost every day. I’m using them with some of my research students to collect data on physical activity and I became a bit obsessed with it. The chair of my department recently got one as well and we keep coming up with excuses to walk around the campus to increase our steps. Can you say obsessive?


Dress: Kenneth Cole New York, purchased on clearance at TJ Maxx for $29

Shoes: Guess, purchased on clearance at Ross for $19.99

Necklace: can’t recall!


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Pop of Blue

Yesterday I had some fun experimenting with color. I love the way the pink and the blue look together! I’m not crazy about how the blazer looks with everything but the air conditioning is KILLING me so I needed some coverage.

My legs were killing me yesterday from a long hike the day before so I had no choice but to wear flats. I woke up in pain which made me feel incredibly old. I have officially reached the stage of life where I have to pay for physical activity the next day.

Blazer: The Limited, 50% off plus 15% educator discount, $62

Dress: The Limited,40% off plus cash back rewards, $35.26

Shoes: Bamboo, purchased on sale from for $15.89

Necklace:, purchased for $9.99


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Casual Purple Friday

I apologize for the delay in uploading Friday’s outfit. I was a bit busy this weekend and dealing with a lot of work related things. However, I did take photos on Friday. As you all know, on Fridays at my school, we wear purple (to show school pride). I try to do this every Friday though it gets old.

On this Friday I was in the mood to also opt for something slightly more casual (hence the black t-shirt). I like the way the look turned out. I think the studded heels look cool with the very feminine lace skirt. It’s edgy girly I guess you could say.

Oh! And welcome to my office! I didn’t have time to take my shots outside or at home today so you all get a view of my messy office :)


Skirt: Banana Republic, purchased at the outlets on sale for under $30

Shirt: Cynthia Rowley, purchased at TJ Maxx for $9.99

Shoes: Mix No. 6, purchased at DSW for $25

Necklace: can’t recall

Bracelet: Kate Spade bangle, gift from a friend :)


The Haute Professor

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